Transformers Jocastro transformers are robustly manufactured for the most arid areas and can be subjected to the most extreme conditions, ambient temperatures from -10c to 55c, humidity of up to 100%, corrosive regions, mining, oil fields and other hostile environments. Jocastro transformers are double wound, copper foil – wire, oil immersed, naturally or forced air cooled.
Jocastro Distribution Transformers
Distribution Transformers
Jocastro Power Transformers
Power Transformers
Jocastro Voltage Transformers
Voltage Transformers
Jocastro Pole Mount Transformers
Pole Mount Transformers
Jocastro Rural Type Transformers
Rural Type Transformers
Jocastro Air Transformers
Air Transformers
Jocastro Dry Type Resin Encapsulated Transformers
Dry Type Resin Encapsulated

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